It was all round celebration for members of Ondo Ekimogun Dynamic Club, one of the leading socio-cultural organizations in Ondo City as they, joined by their families and friends to celebrate 40th Anniversary of the Club establishment. The three-day event commenced on Saturday, 4th December, 2020, with an Anniversary Lecture.

Welcoming guests as well as members to the opening ceremony, President of the Club, Mr. Olufemi Babatunde said the event was to celebrate members for the success story which began 40 years ago, when some young adults with similar passions came together to consolidate the bond of friendship that already existed among them, and decided to initiate the formation of a social Club through which they also hoped to accomplish a set of objectives. The president added that, over the years, members of the Club had individually and collectively made tremendous progress and had attained enviable heights in their different life’s endeavours through a dint of hard work, making the required sacrifices that life’s achievements also demands.

Commending his Colleagues, Babatunde said “members of Ondo Ekimogun Dynamic Club have demonstrated beyond all reasonable doubts that honesty, hard work, dedication to assigned duties and loyalty are the only motivations that can create the paradigm shift from poverty to prosperity,” adding that over the years the Club had continued to extend helping hands to the needy in the society through philanthropic activities including scholarship awards to deserving students of Ondo City origin; and creation of employment opportunities for the youths among others.

He thanked members for their support urging them to continue in their efforts in uplifting the Club and the Ondo Kingdom.

Earlier, in his speech, the Chairman, Anniversary Planning Committee, Chief Akin Babafemi disclosed that members were able to mix both social interaction personal developmental pursuits in life, especially in the areas of academic attainment. He added that every member’s challenges were those of all, and were borne by all.

“We lacked behind not only in business but also in political participation.

The Anniversary Lecture titled: 40 Years of Galvanizing Club Energy for Socio-Economic Development: Ondo Ekimogun Dynamic Club-A Case Study, One of the founding fathers and a past president of the Club Mr. Henry ‘Daisi Akinsulire said over the last 40 years, the Club had expended so much energy in developing themselves economic wise and by providing the social platform that had engendered productive fraternity among the members. Urging other Clubs to emulate the OEDC attributes, the lecturer added “at the beginning we started with nothing and whenever there was the opportunity, we gave helping hands to one another, lifted one another up, provided emotional support along the way. We still do so today”

While acknowledging that the Club had passed through many difficult challenges, both financial and emotional, he commended his colleagues for wading through it all successfully. “As young men growing and seeking to succeed in life, many were our afflictions, but God in his infinity mercies, saw us through them all”, he said.

High point of the celebration was award and recognitions given to some members of the Club which included, founding fathers, founding members and past presidents of the Club.

Also, as part of the celebration, the Club visited Saints Jokhim and Anne Old People’s Homes Ondo for its Social Corporate Responsibility during which they donated food items and clothes.

The Club was also at the Diocese of God Anglican Communion, The Cathedral Church of St. Stephen, Ondo Town for the Thanksgiving.

Members of Ondo Ekimogun Dynamic Club During the Thanksgiving at the Diocese of God Anglican Communion, The Cathedral Church of St. Stephen, Ondo Town, Ondo State.

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