Campaigns, Promotions As Survival Strategies For Brands


Survival is key to the life of any brand in the ever-competitive marketing world and more importantly with a life-threatening situation occasioned by the coronavirus pandemic which has affected even the hitherto strong economies of the world.

Even before the pandemic, for brands to survive, there is no doubting the fact that entire marketing mix must be deployed to promote sales without which the existence of any brand is not guaranteed. Therefore, the need to embrace the essence of campaigns and promotions in all ramifications to boost a brand’s fortune cannot be underestimated.

Among many others, campaigns and promotions are needed to boost awareness for products and services in order to enhance their visibility in the market place and by extension boost sales and for them to ultimately, increase earnings for all stakeholders.

The need to increase sales of any brand cannot be over emphasized given that the whole existence of a brand depends solely on its market performance with impact on sales records.

To achieve this among others, the brand must have a very high top of the mind awareness (TOMA) that is, it must be well known to the market and there must be concerted efforts to stir up the desire and demand for it among the target audience and the general public. Even for those whose audience are pre-determined and well know, there is still the constant need to expand the horizon and market penetration at all times.  

In all of these, campaigns and promotions will also address the strength of the brand when compared to that of other competitors and also be privileged to address the weaknesses that will be needed not be over looked if the brand must maintain a strong position at all times.

Above all, the campaigns and promotions more often achieve more than immediate needs of the products and services but also bring the consumers closer to the product with the volume of information and facts made available to make the end consumers build trust in them.

This partly explains why the sustained advertisements of products and services and not just a copy for a season will keep the good memories of product and service brands in the minds of the end users and consumers.

To have a lasting impact and to achieve the desired results for a particular brand the objectives must be clearly stated and the efforts to achieving this enumerated to create activities round the product or service brand at all times.

Indeed, there must be no dull moments for a brand that must rise above competitions and dominate the other competitors.

Brands are constantly at war in order to gain the attention from consumers and to dominate rivals in the market. Just like the popular saying, that out of sight means out of mind.

There are seasons for promotions and campaigns and there are products targeting seasonal promotions and campaigns just to get the mileage, the benefits and the advantage of the seasons. The essence is not only to capture attention but to dominate, take-over and control the market without giving any space to rivals.

In the corporate world these efforts correspond with the level of desperation to conquer and control the market; and the norm is: you must be prepared to kill or be killed instead.

Dominance and by extension, survival does not come by chance, but by a deliberate, planned and sustained action and activities to keep others out of existence of your sphere of influence and operations. Over the years this has led to the emergence of market leaders due to mergers and acquisitions which must be sustained at all costs in order to remain relevant.

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