Brand Personality:Adodo Anselm (PAXHERBALS)

Anselm Adodo (PAX HERBAL)

Brand Personality focuses on the individuals behind the emergence of a brand. Those whose ideas, vision, labour over the years have indeed sustained what initially did not look like product but which through the doggedness of the individual, the brand is still standing and being counted in the competitive world of brands.

One common thing with most of these icons behind the brands is that they started early in life with the vision and stayed with it, nurture it until they become a reality which the world celebrates today.

Paxherbals (Pax Herbal Clinic and Research Laboratories) is a Nigerian alternative medicine product manufacturing company founded by Adodo Anselm in 1996 at Ewu Monastery.

Anselm started the herbal enterprise as a little herbal clinic venture in Ewu Monastery meant to offer herbal remedy to common ailments like cough and malaria to nearby villagers and successes with treated patients allowed information about the nascent herbal clinic at the monastery to quickly spread to surrounding towns.

In 1997, Anselm started a small herbal garden in Ewu Monastery where he grew medicinal plants. The first herbal preparations from the herbal garden were used in making herbal remedies for common ailments like malaria and cough. A loan was used to build a three-room clinic where patients from nearby villages were attended to by Anselm and his first employee Gbogbo John. The three-room clinic soon came to be called Pax Herbal Center.

By May 2006, Paxherbals have built a set of laboratories which was commissioned by Chief Lucky Igbinedion, Governor of Edo State (1999-2007). By 2008, Pax Herbal Clinic and Research Laboratories had become the biggest, best-equipped, best organized, and most modern herbal research center in Africa

The company adopted science-based approach to its Traditional African medicine brand of alternative medicine by establishing three sets of science laboratories for its operations. As of 2017, Paxherbals has a presence in 26 states out Nigeria’s 36 states with a network of 1,000 alternative medicine product distributors.


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