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The magazine is one of the specialized publications from the stables of Visibility Dynamics Publishing Limited. We have a team of well trained and roundly experienced professional and practicing journalists with core interest in the promotion of excellence in Brand Communication. Today, there is a highly compelling need for Brand Owners and their communication consultants to clearly distinguish their brands from the deluge of others in the same category. Our assignment, though selfimposed, but to which we are eternally committed, in absolute terms, is to offer professional guidance in all areas, aspects and ramifications of effective and efficient Brand Communication efforts intended to help them to be more productive in their approach, and fruitful in their outputs.

Beginning with our first edition, published in 2015, our content gathering approach has been to draw from the reservoir of cognate journalism experience of members of our team, which they have gathered in the course of years of continuous practice that have, for some of us, spanned over two decades. We also regularly draw from the very rich experience of experts including scholars and leading professionals who can offer informed opinions on every topic. We really see and treat each lead topic as a project that must be thoroughly researched in order to give our readers an output that will enhance their understanding.

Our Editorial policy stands on the pillar of seeking to promote excellence in Brand Communication. While we celebrate accomplishments and commend excellent performance, we do so in a way that such will enhance the contribution to extant literature in that area, and, at the same time, lay a formidable foundation for improvement.


We are focused on being the leading and most authoritative companion of our readers, which they prefer as the most informed source for issues relevant to effective and productive brand communication activities in Nigeria, and the West African sub-region.


We are committed to deploying our resources, time, talent and skills in generating, processing and publishing well researched and highly informative brand focused magazine that will help our readers to be well informed, more intellectually sound, so as to take informed decisions at all times and become more resourceful and productive in their engagements.

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We are committed to practicing a brand of journalism that thrives on:

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