2023: LASU Don To Vie For House Of Representatives

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A lecturer at the Department of Educational Management, Faculty of Education, Mr. Olawole Olaniyi Joseph has shown his interest to represent Ojo Federal Constituency at the House of Representative in the general elections in 2023.

He made the declaration at the annual end of the year party organized by his team at his home in Etegbin, Ojo, Lagos State.

According to him, the motivation was borne out of passion for good governance. “I have taken that decision and I know that the financial implication of contesting for house representative is so huge bur definitely the quest from our people for a good representation take us this far.

“To be candid with you teachers don’t have money and I am one of them but I can assure you that my supporters have given their backing financially, morally, physically even mentally to make it a reality.”

Olawole explained further that with his experience at the grass root, he knows what the community wants and will be willing to bring it to them.

“I am a grassroot man, I come from the streets and grew up from the streets. We belong to everybody despite the fact that I lecture, I still tell them I belong to them.

“As a teacher and as a lecturer we have three jobs, teaching, researches and community service. That has engage us in the past through community service to ensure that we move close to our people because we are from the grassroot, we own the grassroot. We are not into money bag politics and I can assure you that the grass root will vote and support us immensely.

“To be candid with you, we are four in the race and all of the others have contested in different categories and have represented the people.

He continued: “Looking at these caliber of people, it gives me joy. It tells me that competing with people of that caliber can make me grow faster. More so, these three other opponents still kneel down to beg God. So because I am begging God and they are also begging God, God will give it to us.”

On his job as a lecturer, the candidate said constitutionally, he should be resigning his job to contest and that he is not scared of.

 “I am still very young, the PhD will soon come. Still very marketable and I can tell you that you can get job fast and there are a lot of things I can venture into that can give us living.

“So, I will be resigning from LASU, from the teaching job because of my passion for teaching. Even if I emerge and become the member House of Representative, representing my constituency Ojo, I will still be teaching and no matter how long I stay in politics, I will fall back to teaching. Teaching is a passion. It is something I enjoy doing at all times because I am a born teacher.”

Stating his commitment to the quest, Olawole said he will always look back to give back and develop the community that voted for him.

“I didn’t just find myself being a lecturer, I started from the grass root. In fact, I didn’t join LASU as a lecturer, I joined 12 years ago as a clerical officer and today I am lecturer and I am still rolling around with my people who we started together as clerk. Even if I become the President of this country, I will still give respect to these people. If they have given me the mandate to represent them at the chamber, what is stopping me from giving back to them.

“I am not one of those people that will not look back. I am prepared and the passion is there, confidence is there, we are ready and we can.”

He however advised other young candidates who will emerged at the election next year to always remember those that voted for them.

“I am 36 years old and I will tell you I am starting so late. I can say it that one of the things we have been able to achieve today in the history of our constituency Ojo Federal Constituency, there has never been anybody as young as I am vying for the position of House of Representative. We have achieve that, now we have gotten to the political space. Now they are been able to count that we have four candidates and they are counting us. So, if we can do it, more people can do that.

“So, let me advise those that are running like me that when we emerge we shouldn’t forget the fact that we are coming from somewhere. Those people who clamor for our involvement in politics should not be forgotten and I can assure you that the kind of Nigeria youth we have today are youth distinguished especially in humanitarian.

Showing his support at the ceremony, Olawole’s father, Hon Sunday Olawole JP wished him well saying he is closer to the community and knows what they are suffering from even in Awori and the riverine areas therefore he wish him to win.

He however advised other young candidates vying for positions in the next election to always look for ways to develop their communities especially the areas they representing.

“They are not too young to rule and if possible they are there, they have to use their intelligence to make sure the country is in order.

“We need them to be on board because the old men have been working and we should allow the younger ones to move forward and make sure the country is in order.”

Olawole Olaniyi Joseph obtained his first degree from Lagos State University, Ojo; second degree Olabisi Onabanjo University and now studying for his PhD in Lagos State University in Economics of Education.


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